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Since 2012, the SkullKast has been the essential podcast for Berserk fans. Whether it's the latest manga episodes or older volumes, you will hear in-depth analysis and speculation from a group of dedicated fans who have been reading Berserk for more than 20 years. Plus coverage of news, games, animation, and all things related to Berserk.

Episode 143: Wizard General (Vol 31-1)

Published on

Episode 142: Demon Invasion (Review Vol 30-3)

Published on

Episode 141: Demon Tiger (Review Vol 30-2)

Published on

Episode 140: Duel (Review Vol 29 & 30)

Published on

Episode 139: The Red Raven Sleeps in the Birdcage

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What is Berserk?

Berserk is a groundbreaking manga of unparalleled quality created by Japanese author Kentarou Miura. First serialized in 1989, its 41st volume was published in 2021.

What is skullknight.net?

Named after the iconic character from the series, SKnet is the preeminent community for discussing Berserk. Created in 2000, it features a forum with an international community of fans that focuses on thoughtful and meticulous analysis of the series. Visit skullknight.net.